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Rinku Premium Outlets

The 3-28, Rinku-Orai-minami, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
TEL / 072-458-4600

Rinku Premium Outlets®, located in "Rinku Town" adjacent to the Kansai International Airport, houses about 150 shops including
famous brand shops from home and abroad. It was designed in the image of a historic port town, Charleston in the United States.
You can enjoy shopping in a street with the look of a resort.



3, Rinku-Orai-minami, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
TEL / 072-461-4196

Everyone, from child to adult, can enjoy many kinds of fascinating facilities of an amusement park, SEACLE every day. For example,
one of the largest Ferris wheel “Star of Rinku” (85 meter high) in
Kansai area and an experience-based theme park for children,
“KIDS-0 “ are waiting for your visit.


Rinku Park

It is a telephone number of the 1-271, Rinku-Orai-kita,Izumisano-shi
TEL / 072-469-7717
*administrative office of the park.

Rinku Park is a nice spot for walking and date with a rest house and offers a magnificent view. The walking course like a rock
garden, the beautiful flowers in each season and the
breath-taking sunset are particularly worth seeing.


Marble Beach

Marble Beach is about 1,000 meters long beautiful beach filled with of marble cobbled stones. You can enjoy watching the airplanes close up as they take off and land at the Kansai International
Airport on the opposite shore with the backdrop of the brilliant
sunset. The beach was selected as "one of the Hundred beautiful
sunsets of Japan” and “Lovers sanctuary”.
There are the commemorative monuments of two awards on the


KIX(Kansai International Airport)

1, Senshu-Kuko-kita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
TEL / 072-455-2500
* Kansai International Airport guidance center.

KIX consists of a passenger terminal building and AEROPLAZA with
a hotel and other facilities. There are many gourmet restaurants
and shopping facilities in the terminal building available to
everyone if you are a traveler or not.
The observation hall of the building provides you with an excellent night view. (Charge-free, Opened from 8 am to 10 pm every day
of the year)


From New Osaka Stn. ○JR Kyoto Line Local or Rapid 4min. to Osaka Stn.→JR Hanwa Line Rapid 60min.
○JR Hanwa Line “Haruka” Ltd. Express 45min. to Kansai Apt. Stn→JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.
From Namba Stn. ○Nankai Line Ltd Express 27min. /Express 31min. to Izumisano Stn.→Nankai Airport Line Airport Express 3min.
○Airport Express 35min. RAPIDβ Limited Express 35min.
From Tennoji Stn. ○JR Hanwa Line Rapid 40min.
○JR Hanwa Line Rapid31min. / Rapid for Limited Area 45min. to Hineno Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Rapid 4min.
From Wakayama Stn. ○JR Hanwa Line Local Rapid 22min. to Hineno Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Raid 4min.
○Nankai Line Ltd Express 27min./Express 28min. to Izumisano Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Airport Express 3min.
From Kobe Airport ○Bay Shuttle 29min. to KansaiApt. Stn →JR Hanwa Line /Nakai Airport Line 3min. OR JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.
From Universal City Stn.

○JR Umesaki Line 6min. to Nishikujyo Stn. →JR Hanwa Line Rapid 52min.

From Universal Studio Japan

○Direct Bus 50min. to KansaiApt.Stn. →JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.