Point of Stargate hotel’s MICE

1 Rinkuoraikita,Izumisano-city,Osaka 598-8511,Japan

* From New Osaka Stn.
○JR Kyoto Line Local or Rapid 4min. to Osaka Stn.→JR Hanwa Line Rapid 60min.
○JR Hanwa Line “Haruka” Ltd. Express 45min. to Kansai Apt. Stn→JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.
* From Namba Stn.
○Nankai Line Ltd Express 27min. /Express 31min. to Izumisano Stn.→Nankai Airport Line Airport Express 3min.
○Airport Express 35min. RAPIDβ Limited Express 35min.
* From Tennoji Stn.
○JR Hanwa Line Rapid 40min.
○JR Hanwa Line Rapid31min. / Rapid for Limited Area 45min. to Hineno Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Rapid 4min.
* From Wakayama Stn.
○JR Hanwa Line Local Rapid 22min. to Hineno Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Raid 4min.
○Nankai Line Ltd Express 27min./Express 28min. to Izumisano Stn. →Kansai Airport Line Airport Express 3min.
* From Kobe Airport
○Bay Shuttle 29min. to KansaiApt. Stn →JR Hanwa Line /Nakai Airport Line 3min. OR JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.
* From Universal City Stn.
○JR Umesaki Line 6min. to Nishikujyo Stn. →JR Hanwa Line Rapid 52min.
* From Universal Studio Japan
○Direct Bus 50min. to KansaiApt.Stn. →JR Line or Nankai Line 3min.

Free Shuttle Bus available.

* The bus stop is “S11” located at South Group Bus terminal.
Free Shuttle Bus avaliable

HOTEL → KANSAI AIRPORT Departure 5:05 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00
KANSAI AIRPORT → HOTEL Departure 17:25 17:55 18:25 18:55 19:25 19:55 20:25 20:55 21:25 21:55 22:25 22:55
  • * The first shuttle bus at 5:05a.m. only services to Terminal 2 via terminal 1.
  • * The Bus is for staying guests and authorized guests only.
  • * Reservations are required for the bus from the hotel at the front desk upon arrival. First come, first served.
  • * Maximum capacity is 28 passengers with limited baggage compartment.
  • * NO additional bus is to be arranged in case of full capacity.
  • * Even if seats are available, for passengers with baggage may be subject to the limited baggage space.
  • * Passengers with bulky baggage may not be allowed to board.
  • * It is subject to traffic.
  • * Bus leaves on time even if the guest books the seat.
  • * Passengers with checked baggage should come to the lobby 10 min before.
  • * Buses stop on the 4th floor, Int’l departure floor.
  • * Travel time to Terminal 1 is approx 10 min and to T2(LCC)is approx 25 min.
  • * Bus schedule may be changed without prior notice.

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